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What do Paddington, Tottenham and Newham have in common?

All three are in the bottom of the London rich list.  All three are home to vibrant but vulnerable communities, London’s precariat, those who do the low paid jobs the Metropolis relies on, but who have to make ends meet despite zero hours contracts,  rising rents, disproportionately poor health, and an increasingly incapacitated state support system.

However, all three neighbourhoods, like scores of others across the city, have been quietly doing something extraordinary for London communities through long established enterprise that has made a tangible difference to Londoners.  Where it has been most successful this often voluntary initiative has been supported by little-championed locally-run backbone organisations.

In light of the deep changes affecting disadvantaged communities and households, and the increasing difficulty in meeting growing need, these local backbone organisations, Paddington Development Trust, Bernie Grant Arts Centre and Community Links have joined up to support a London Communities Commission.  Here is the commission in action in Paddington in October 2015:


Here they are in Tottenham, at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre


Here they are in November 2015 in Newham at Community Links

The London Communities Commission heard from local community services, community activists and volunteers in each area, as well as experts in the field of public service commissioning and social funding.  The Commission has gathered hundreds of pages of written evidence from groups across London.  Summaries of the three sessions and the written evidence received can be found in the downloads section of this site.

The evidence is being considered in December and a report will be published in early 2016 with recommendations for policy to support London communities to thrive despite the social and economic challenges facing the capital.




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